Free Educational Games For Little Kids – 7 Fun Kids Games To Play With Your Preschooler

You can either make your 3 year old sit down for a 45 minute drill daily and teach some basics they are required to learn or quite simply have so much fun while playing free educational games like the ones below with them that they wont even notice they are learning.And you are bound to have the end result you desired. Here are some fun kids games to [...]

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Nintendo DS Educational Games – Not Just For Kids These Days

Like any other video game system on the market, Nintendo wants a fresh variety of games the whole family can enjoy and educational games are helping this effort greatly. [...]

A Brief Examination of Past Learning Games, Wii Educational Games, and the Lack of “End Bosses”

A long time ago, someone decided that learning games - from the Commodore 64 all the way through to Wii educational games, today - don't need levels, leveling, or the [...]